We work with R&D labs and technology startups who need investment in their ideas.

How we work with them depends on their technology readiness level:

  • For technologies still in the lab

We simplify complexity to clearly communicate their value proposition. This helps them build partnerships. Having the right partners in place makes investors more confident of success.  

  • For early-stage startups

We test their value proposition and validate market demand by building real-world demonstrators. Building the future is better than predicting it. It de-risks further investment.

  • For later-stage startups

We develop their product through experimental development. This is better than a fixed approach. It helps us design products that remain relevant and respond to a world of constant change. Investors like this approach because it demonstrates long-term strategic thinking.

Last year we helped our partners raise over £50 million in Venture Capital.

We work within companies who need to increase their productivity. Our expertise integrates technology into their operations. This is better than staying the same and ignoring the need for change. It refreshes their portfolio and makes them less vulnerable to disruption from competitors and new market entrants.